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Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline


Spreading Awareness is Our Goal

Oakley's Miracle is set up to spread awareness for Limb Body Wall Complex. We want to show support to those families who have children with similar disabilities to Oakley. We gave Oakley a chance at his life and we are hoping that his story will touch the hearts of so many people.

You might ask why the oak tree?  An oak tree symbolizes significantly as a symbol of wisdom, strength, honor, stability and protection. 

Oak Tree Symbolic Meaning:
Authority; Leadership; Wise Rulership; Safety; Generosity; Dignity; Truthfulness; Courage; Steadiness.

“Then here’s to the Oak, the brave old Oak
Who stands in his pride alone!
And still flourish he, a hale green tree.
When a hundred years are gone!”

-J.F. Chorley, 1808-1872

The strength of an oak tree reminds us of the strength that Oakley had in the hospital to fight and survive. As the oak tree, Oakley has been continuing to grow in strength. 

At a Glance: Who We Are
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